Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Gospel According to Warren

Warren Kinsella is now channelling Jesus. Funny, that.

Kinsella says :
But the Occupiers are the first truly populist, progressive movement to seize peoples’ imaginations in a long, long time. In this way — and I know this will anger some conservatives, but too bad — the Occupiers are a bit Christ-like.

*Christ-like*? Huh?

What is it? The ignorance? The arrogance? The haughty demeanour? The self-righteousness? The lack of direction and purpose? What is it exactly that Warren sees as *Christ-like*? Warren explains:

As noted most memorably in Matthew 25:31, when Judgment Day arrives, the ones who will be admitted into the Kingdom are the ones who have done the most for “the least” among us — the hungry, the sick, the poor.

They also serve, who only stand and chant? I don't buy it. What exactly have the occupiers done for the *least* among us? How are they serving their fellow man? By trying to affect change? What change? We live in Canada. Poverty, Toronto-style is not what you'd find in the 3rd world or in biblical times. The occupiers have no raison d'ĂȘtre . . . they are not trying to help others . . . they are not trying to shine a light on the plight of the underclasses . . . they are standing chanting for themselves, each saying *poor, pitiful me*.

Christ-like, my ass.

Warren goes on to say:

If you strive to know Him, like some of us do, there can’t be much doubt that the rabbi named Jesus Christ was no capitalist. Nor is there any mystery WWJD with the Occupiers, this past weekend.

He’d be right down there with them, chanting against the bankers and the politicians who do the bankers’ bidding.

I don't believe Jesus would stand with the bankers, but neither do I think he'd be standing along side the occupiers. You see, the bankers and the occupiers are the same kind people, one set rich, the other not so much - but both are selfish. Neither bankers nor occupiers see anyone but themselves as deserving. Both bankers and occupiers believe the world owes them a living and that the work of others should enrich their lives. They see each other as parasites and while both are right on that score, the poor parasites aren't somehow *better people* simply because they aren't wealthy.

Kinsella says:
God, said Christ, chooses the poor because they are “rich in faith.” They are the ones who deserve support.
Despite what the bible says, the poor are not *rich in faith* by default, neither are they good or deserving just because they are poor. Poverty, financial poverty is an earthly state. It doesn't elevate your soul, it doesn't make you saintly. The poor are in need of support by virtue of their circumstances. They are deserving of pity or charity because they are human . . . but this inane belief that all poor people are good and rich people are evil is silliness.

And to suggest that the occupiers hold some sort of high ground because they are *poor* is completely without merit. They are well-fed, unsheltered by choice, and fully clothed. Many of them are well educated in a system heavily subsidized by taxpayers, including those dreadful corporations.
If they were out there saying *I'll work . . . find me a job* maybe I could respect their cause . . . Instead, I see people saying *they're rich and I'm not . . . it isn't fair* which is not a cause -- it's a tantrum.

Ephesians 4:28 says:
Let him who steals steal no longer; but rather let him labour, performing with his own hands what is good, in order that he may have something to share with him who has need.
Read *steal* as *take* in that verse.

Maybe the occupiers should be looking for better ways to serve the poor. The rich will find their own rewards in heaven . . . Instead of shouting *look how bad I have it* -- maybe the occupiers could look outside themselves and find a way to produce and share and serve. I think that's what Jesus would do.



Anonymous said...

Warren is off his meds.
Lets try this thought experiment.
Take a look at the protesters and then compare them to Mother Theresa. Now ask, what are they doing differently from Saint Theresa?

Warren is using the latest leftwing talking point, that he and other liberals are with the protesters.
Maybe he forgot that his new boss Bare ass Bob, got a rough ride from the protesters when he decided to join them.
In the soviet style system, folks like Kinsella are referred to as useful idiots, and they usually are the first ones to disappear once the revolution starts.

By the way there is another lib-left talkingpoint that the protesters share a commonality with the tea party.
Nonsense. The tea party is not opposed to capitalism, the OWS wants it destroyed. The TEA party wants limited government, the OWS wants unlimited government.

ck said...

What is it with you Conservatives who love stereotyping those who partake in the Occupy movement? You're no exception it appears, given you assume none of them have jobs. I have a job and I've stopped by the Occupy Montreal venue everyday, around my work schedule. No, I'm not taking time off my job. you'd be surprised at how many more who at least make an appearance at an Occupy movement are like me.

I wish you would stop judging. Why don't you stop by an Occupy venue near you? Actually talk to some of the people. You might be surprised to learn they're not that much different from you. You may not agree with everything they say, but You may find yourself surprised.

Folks who are participating are actually a very diverse group: people of all ages and stripes. Not just "hippies" and "students"

But, frankly, until you've actually spent any length of time at one of those venues, you're not in a position to judge.

Anonymous said...

Like J.C.? Like Mother Teresa? What a dorque!

Text out of context is pretext. What a phony bible misquoting twit. wk sounds like a fake evangelical spouting off in the hopes of landing the gullible.

However -- I'm waiting for my invite to the crucifixions.

Anonymous said...

ck.. what are your demands?

melvin said...

Warren is just a silly old man...ignore him, or just laugh.
He really isn't worth the time of day.

Anonymous said...

Warren Kinsella is perfectly correct in relating that Our Lord Jesus Christ is among the protesters IN SPIRIT. Congrats to him on this post despite the naysayers, including your post.

The Canadian protesters are in solidarity with the U.S. groups that have gone global.

Capitalism needs reform, renewal, reinvigoration...you name it.

The banksters collusion with the politicians, expressly Obama, IS the centre of the problem.

The unemployed in the double dip don't choose that status. The corporatists have to reverse downsizing and it would be to their benefit.

The corporate world has played fast and loose with deregulation as the credit default swaps and the derivatives were a sham/ponzi scheme and the taxpayers get to pay for generations of their folly.

The protesters while disorganized are in fact protesting blatant thievery on the public purse.

So, some calling them useless "vermin" should reevaluate.

In this instance, Kinsella has reminded us of our Judeo-Christian roots in encouraging an equatable economy.

It's incumbent on the private sector to create jobs. As there's no such thing as a jobless recovery.